Whether you're a webdesigner looking for fresh content for your clients or you're a small business owner who needs curated and upscale images for your socials, The 7th creates elevated imagery that will help your brand break into the luxury markets.


The seventh

Photography allows me to embrace my creativity to its fullest capacity. I created The 7th after a few luxury, creative entrepreneurs reached out for brand photoshoots and I was immediately on fire! I love working with people and products to create imagery that not only looks right but feels right for the client that created them!
Minimalism inspires me and I'm always looking for ways to simplify a shot. It puts emphasis on what matters most and my shooting style is very much influenced by this. 

Photography has been a part of my life for the past 5 years and I've enjoyed every minute of it! Brand photography allows me to bring a new form of creativity to light. Shooting with the brand vision in mind, creating more than just photos (gifs, videos, etc), and seeing how my client's businesses have succeeded has brought me so much fulfillment

and how The seventh was born

what inspires me

Spray Tan Artist 

Wendy | Southern Luxe 

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ShowIt Website Designer

Courtney | Coyote Brands

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